Enjoy Camping? Enjoy the Outdoors? Then why not join us.

Joining us couldn't be simpler and there are two ways to do it. Look up a group nearest you on the Groups tab above and e-mail or phone their Group contact person for information. If there is no BPSA-ON group near you just email us and we'll help you start your own Patrol or Six.

Existing Groups

Click here to view and connect to our groups in Ontario.

Starting a new Group or Patrol

If there is no Group near you then why not gather a group of friends around you and start playing the game of Scouting.
We can tell you how to do it.

Ideally gather a group of 4 to 6 friends, boys or girls with the assistance of a parent or young adult, and decide that you want to become BPSA Explorers. You do not need to have 24 Explorers or a headquarters to meet in. Many countries of the world have single Patrols or Sixes meeting as Explorers or Timber Wolves.

We have 5 different schemes for Scouting depending upon your age group. First, you should read about our programs, and choose the one which is appropriate to your age group.

  • Otters 5 to 8 years
  • Timber Wolves 8 to 11 years
  • Explorers or Seafarers 11 to 15 years
  • Senior Explorers or Senior Seafarers 15 to 18 years
  • Rovers 17+

For more information on what each Section is about, and what they do, please see our Section Information in the tab above.

Once you have learned about the different Sections BPSA-ON offers, you now need to be sure that Traditional Scouting is indeed for you. If you think you would like to join us, and start a new Group, Patrol or Six, you may request a Charter Application Package from our Commissioner

What's the cost?

BPSA-ON, as well as the other BPSA Councils across Canada, strongly believe that the cost of Scouting should be as low as possible. We believe that Scouting should not just be for the rich, but that it should be for everyone.

Our annual registration cost (2020-2021), per person, is $40.00, although Groups may charge slightly more.

BPSA-ON keeps its costs down to the bare bones by being 100% volunteer. Our uniforms and badges are sold at cost with no mark-up. The annual registration covers our insurance premiums and a minimal amount for administration.

Already a Scout Group with another organization?

First of all the BPSA-ON is not seeking to expand its organization by taking groups from any other organization. Each organization has its own merits and styles. BPSA-ON follows the original teachings of Baden Powell and his love for the great outdoors.

However, if you feel that what we offer better meets the needs of your local area, and more importantly your youth, then we would be pleased to help you, on an individual basis, to make a decision on whether or not traditional Scouting is for you.