For Leaders

There isn’t a boy but wants to grow
Manly and true at heart,
And every lad would like to know
The secrets we can impart.
He doesn’t want to slack or shirk-
Oh, haven’t you heard him plead?
He’ll follow a man at play or work
If only the man will lead.

Where are the men to lead today,
Sparing an hour or two,
Teaching the boy the game to play
Just as a man should do?
Village and slums are calling-”Come,
Here are the boys!” Indeed,
Who can tell what they might become
If only the man would lead.

Where are the men to lend a hand?
Echo it far and wide-
Men who will rise in every land,
Bridging the “Great Divide.”
Nation and flag and tongue unite
Joining each class and creed.
Here are the boys who would do right-
But where are the men to lead?

~ Author unknown

Leader Resources

Check out the Leaders Library for resources to assist your program. Trainers are available by email to assist you along the way, plus we also have courses that can be offered locally or in groups to facilitate networking and the exchange of ideas.

You can also read through our Basic Policies to learn more about us.

Becoming a Leader

Considering being an adult leader? Nothing can be more rewarding and we can help you understand your responsibilities and what is expected.
Firstly, the safety of the youth is most important, so you will have to submit a Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check and an application with four references that are not related to you. We describe that under “Leader Screening”.
Depending upon your role, your time commitment may be as little as 2 hours a week, helping to prepare for the meeting and making sure all the youth are accounted for and cleaning up after the meeting as well as supervising or running a program activity during the meeting. Depending upon your circumstances, you may be asked to assist with camps, hikes and other outings as well.
Section Leaders will have to spend some planning and organizing in addition to this and GSMs will have to organize the section leaders and assist and support them.
Don’t worry about previous scouting experience or skills, we will provide formal and informal training. We can teach people most skills, but you need to bring the right attitude. With the right attitude, you can do most anything!

Leader Screening

All programs of BPSA-Ontario are designed with due consideration for the protection and safety of all participants. To help ensure the safety and protection of all participants, BPSA-Ontario screens all adult volunteers for all positions, and conducts reviews of volunteers.
The BPSA-Ontario Council expects that all adult volunteers will adhere to this policy by:

Following the initial steps to become a Scout Adult volunteer, which are:
•  A Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check,
•  Completion of the ‘Application for Adult Membership’,
•  Provide FOUR personal references, and
•  A personal interview.

Participate in training opportunities appropriate to their Scouting role;
Acting with due consideration for the safety of the other members; and
Reporting to the Council any volunteer who poses a risk to youth members.

Failure or refusal to complete the Police Record Check, and provide the completed application form,
and the required references will make the application unacceptable.
All checks will be handled with confidentially.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact your Group Scoutmaster or District Commissioner.
All adult members will fill their positions on a trial basis for a period of four months. In this probationary period the new adult volunteer is permitted to work with children only when under close supervision of a Warranted adult member. During this time the volunteer will remain under the supervision and assessment of the Group Scoutmaster. Once this probationary period has been successfully completed, the new member may be invested.